• Voter turnout, debates, and Trump: David Perdue discusses all

    David Perdue

    ELLIJAY, Ga: Senator David Perdue (R) addressed his relationship with President Trump, voter turnout, and not debating Jon Ossoff on his bus tour through North Georgia. Citing the earlier debates, Perdue didn’t see the necessity in rehashing the issues.  “I wanted to give him a chance to show Georgia what an empty suit he is,” […]

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  • What’s the deal with Senator Loeffler’s stock trades?

    Loeffler stock trades

    Loeffler just keeps getting away with improper transactions.  This is just one of them.  And she knows that very few people can follow her trails. Loeffler says she was ‘cleared’ by the SEC for her stock trades she made after a Senate briefing on Covid-19 back in January.  What she doesn’t tell you is, she […]

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  • All star panelist expose on Joe Biden and Co financial dealings

    Joe Biden

    After delving into Joe Biden’s friends’ questionable and convenient financial past, All-Star Panelist Joene DePlancke presented her findings on the issue. “All the deals weren’t funneled through Hunter. He used so many longtime friends and major contributors to generate billions for himself and his family,” DePlancke explained about Joe Biden’s financial dealings. In 2010, they […]

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  • Georgia being called for President Trump

    President Trump Georgia

    ATLANTA, Ga – InsiderAdvantage has called Georgia for President Donald Trump with almost all the votes counted. “InsiderAdvantage Chairman Matt Towery says, ‘I was amazed that Georgia was not called last night. There are not enough votes available to bring this race much closer or to create a contested situation. There was no Democratic wave […]

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