County Leaders Support Medical Center Appeal

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Elbert County leaders support Medical Center appeal
Elbert County leaders support Medical Center's appeal

Elbert County Leaders meet in support of The Medical Center’s appeal.

Elbert County leaders meet for a second time with doctors of The Medical Center to continue to support their efforts of an appeal filed by The Medical Center to DPH after a 6 month suspension was handed down. This community supports The Medical Center and wants to get this resolved as quick as possible to stop the impedance of COVID-19 vaccines to this community.
Those in attendance were City of Elberton Mayor Larry Guest, City Manager Lanier Dunn, Elbert Chamber of Commerce Leslie Friedman, Bowman Mayor Roberta Rice, Elbert County Manager Bob Thomas, Elbert County Commissioner Chris Alexander, Elbert County School Superintendent Jon Jarvis, Elbert County Chairman Lee Vaughn, Dr. Dan McAvoy, Dr. Jonathan Poon, TMCE Administrator Brooke McDowell, Attorney Bill Daughtry, and Elbert County Emergency Management Chuck Almond and Beth Seymour. Senator Lee Anderson was also able to communicate via telephone.

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